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Mini Golf Club

Developed by  Obumo Games

Mini Golf Club is a realistic 3D mini golf simulator with fun gameplay and hundreds of challenging levels.

The game combines beautiful graphics, realistic physics and easy-to-use controls. Mini Golf Club is challenging yet fun golf game for all ages. Your goal is to hit the ball into a series of holes on a course using as few strokes as possible.

Unique Gamemodes

  • Tournament: Play a large collection of pre-made and user-made courses with 9 holes each. The fewer strikes you have at the end of the course the better.
  • Practice: Practice each level individually to improve your shooting and aiming skills. Completing the levels are easy but mastering them takes time.
  • Versus: Play turn-based matches for up to 4 players locally on the same device. Challenge your friends and family.
  • Splitscreen: Play on the same device with up to 4 players by dividing the available screen space.
  • Online multiplayer: Play against your friends in real-time globally.

Growing collection of courses

  • The game features hundreds interactive holes with dynamic parts and moving obstacles.
  • Levels contain a huge variety of ramps, turns, tunnels, slopes, jumps, sand traps, special boosters and portals.
  • Boosters like wind zones or jump areas physically accurately interact with your ball.


  • Mini Golf Club has high replayability thanks to the advanced physics engine.
  • You can play the same level multiple times and you get a different gameplay experience each time.
  • The game supports touch, keyboard, mouse and controller inputs.

Release Date

October 2021


Mini Golf Club is developed by Obumo Games.


  • Web browser
  • Windows (link)


  • Drag the left mouse button = shoot ball
  • C = camera mode
  • Arrow keys / Mouse = look around
  • Page up / mouse wheel up = zoom in
  • Page down / mouse wheel down = zoom out