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Idle Dice

Developed by  Luts91

Idle Dice is an idle dice game where the outcome of your roll determines the points you earn. Spend your points on upgrades and more dice. Build up your score, enjoy the smooth jazz, and get rolling!

How to Play

Become a dice high roller

In Idle Dice you have nothing to lose, just keep rolling those dice and earning points! You can click to roll faster or let auto-roll do the work and go AFK for a while.

Splash your points on dice

Adding more dice increases your ability to earn big points through combo rolls where you get the same number on multiple dice. The more dice with the same score, the higher the multiplier.

Get crazy dice combos

The dice combinations follow a format similar to cards, so you have three of a kind, full-house, straight, and other combos typical of classic card games.

Rig the game even more in your favor

You can come back for daily bonus points to spend on upgrades. There’s also a huge list of achievements that reward you with various bonuses upon completion.

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Release Date

November 2018


Idle Dice is developed by Luts91.


  • A fun idle game
  • Clean and neat interface
  • Simple gameplay
  • Interesting new features to unlock


Idle Dice is a web browser game (desktop and mobile).


Press left mouse button to play.