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Car Drawing Game


Draw a one-line car and successfully reach the finish line. The Car Drawing Game is all about drawing a car to overcome the obstacles on each level. Draw your goofiest car and see if it passes the test!

How to Play

Be creative

Use your creativity to think about how you can overcome the obstacles with one line. If you reach the finish line on your first attempt, you get a gold medal! However, the more attempts it takes you to complete the level, the lower your award is.

Think carefully

The Car Drawing Game allows you to draw one line only, so make sure you think about your approach before drawing. You can draw any shape you want within the ink limit. If you’re really stuck, you can use the hint option at the top.

Speed boost

The wheels will always appear at the beginning and end of your line. See if you can catch the shiny ball to get a speed boost!

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Gameplay Video

Release Date

July 2019


The game is made by Mathias Geisler. You can also check the game here.


Web browser


Drag left mouse button to draw.